SOE in Scotland training site during ww2

Glenmore Lodge lies some six miles east of Aviemore, and was formerly a Victorian hunting lodge, and became a hostel when the Central Council for Physical Education acquired it in 1947. It later became the Loch Morlich Youth Hostel, and then the Cairngorm Lodge Youth Hostel, after Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre was opened in 1996, within the Cairngorm National Park, and was named Glenmore. In 1973, in a ceremony attended by the King of Norway, the Norwegian Memorial Stone was dedicated to the memory of those who had trained in the area, and lost their lives in World War II.

Special Operations Executive, SOE, also called The Baker Street Irregulars, was a British organization during World War II. SOE was responsible for sabotage and support activities within the framework of what is today known as Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW). Winston Churchill and Hugh Dalton took the initiative in July 1940 to form the organization which was originally called Section D within MI6. The mission of SOE was to encourage and support espionage and sabotage activities behind enemy lines, but also to form the basis for the formation of a rudimentary resistance movement in Britain in the event of a German invasion. This resistance movement came to be known as the Auxiliary Units.

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