Crime scene detective – partime story from an addict

When you clean, you find things you didn’t think were there. Sometimes you find things that the previous tenant didn’t clean up.

The floor in the bathroom

On one of the tiles was a small white piece. As a former carpentry apprentice on the church building construction site in Åtorp in 1981-82, I recognized the tile putty, the thing that binds together the tiles that many have installed in their new bathrooms.

In the glare above the small black speck of dust, you can make out a little bit. I thought it was a piece of plastic, but on closer examination there was a small piece of tile putty stuck under my nail . Iphoneshot.

The story started with me doing a few loads of laundry for me and my partner. The laundry basket burst. Pieces of the overly aged basket were left on the floor.

I got down on my knees and wiped myself up. Had just tried to rinse the basket clean from dust that ended up at the bottom.

Usually I use an almost wornout scraper first, with its rubber dried out. Then down with the drying cloth from the shower curtain stand without a curtain to dry the last thing off. Sweat.

Hours before, I had completed my first “real” fitness session at the Forshaga training center. Thank you Johan Frödin for the training setup standing up on a stand in the process of replacing old fluorescent lighting. The gym owner was balancing on a tightrope. A circus performer.

He works at Frödins plumming service and as owner of Forshaga workout center.

In the dust that collects in a sewage well, crimes can be revealed. The tile putty originates from the beginning of the building. Probably in the mid-1970s when the Fredriksson family lived here, sorta.

In the cesspool, the crime scene detectives can find traces of old crimes that can be solved a number of years after they were committed. Kin a. Photo set in existing light.

And there the laundry in the basement is finished. 40 degree color wash.

Sorry for my english, Mr Matson, englishteacher at Jamestown Community College fall 1986 when four exchangestudents from Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola invaded the town in north west corner of New York state to get familiar to the country on the other side of the ocean where gold was rushed for. Some years ago. Sort a.

Hello hope in the lingonberry forest. And by the way. Thanx Google for helping me out with parts of the translation. No wonder I had an C from Mr Matson

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