Operation Infatuate

the codename for the invasion of the Dutch Island of Walcheren, was a major Combined Operation’s amphibious landing against entrenched German defensive positions. The fortified island stood at the mouth of the River Scheldt blocking Allied access to the captured port of Antwerp some 60 kilometres inland. It was urgently needed to supply the advancingFortsätt läsa ”Operation Infatuate”

Lea Seydoux bio

French actress Léa Seydoux was born in 1985 in Paris, France, to Valérie Schlumberger, a philanthropist, and Henri Seydoux, a businessman. Her grandfather, Jérôme Seydoux, is chairman of Pathé, and her father is a great-grandson of businessman and inventor Marcel Schlumberger (her mother also descends from the Schlumberger family). Her parents are both of mixedFortsätt läsa ”Lea Seydoux bio”

Remembering Paul Benke

Falconer street. Jamestown. New York state. Fall 1986 Lived there a shorter time. Pauls photo archive. DIAs. Enormous. Heritage from his time in Indochina during world war two. The Nikon F. The short thick 500 mm f8 lens. Used it during a trip to the Niagara falls. Equipment soaking wet onboard the boat that tookFortsätt läsa ”Remembering Paul Benke”